InnovForm Therapeutics, LLC.

Innovative Formulation Technology for Innovative Drug Development

At InnovForm, our technology platforms are established to solve the key challenges in the field of nano/micro particle formulation of drugs:

1) Current nano/micro particle formulation with outdated excipients lack compatibility and functionalities to modulate PK/PD of API.

2) Current encapsulation technologies hamper drug effectiveness, i.e. effective drug encapsulation compromises the effectiveness of drug release at the targeting site;

3) Current nano/micro formulation processes are complicated and difficult to scale-up with GMP compliance;

InnovForm’s Break-through approach:

1) Applying medicinal chemistry /SAR approach to develop functional polymer excipients to accommodate the specific physicochemical nature of API molecules for improvement of PK/PD properties.

2) New concept of “Targeting Deposition” to selectively and effectively release drugs in the specific disease sites.

3) Innovative “Spray-in-Flow” technology that will streamline the nanoformulation manufacturing process, cut the cost, and enable seamless transition from benchtop to commercial manufacturing.

Distinct New Space

New Therapeutic Entity

Current Market Problem:

I.Generic drugs (Gx) with outdated formulations often associated with poor pharmacokinetics, low bioavailability, and unwelcome side effects;

II.New chemical entities (NCEs) need extensive /expensive clinical validations of the new target pathway and new molecules with a high risk of failure.

By operating in NTEs space, InnovForm will use it’s nano-formulation technology to enhance the pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of existing drugs with known targets, providing more efficacious and selective drugs without the high cost and risk of new drug development.

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